The CEO of SongRegistration is an attorney. When he first began representing musicians many years ago, he immediately noticed that bands and songwriters fell into two groups: The Protected and the NOT.

That first group usually had lawyers or a record label. And then there was everybody else.

The problem was that 95% of songwriters and composers fell into that second group. The Unprotected. And that’s why SongRegistration was born. To help fix that.

With our solid legal background (30+ years managing law firms and legal documents), we know that songwriters do NOT need a lawyer, or even file with the Copyright Office, to protect their work. What they need is a professional service that understands how copyrighting works and can provide credible, certified evidence of their automatic copyrights for them – anytime – WITHOUT lawyers or more formal registration.

And we knew that if we could provide this service FAST, CHEAP and EASILY – more composers would begin taking steps to safeguard their music!

So we practically invented the independent copyright registration procedure now used by songwriters, lyricists and music publishers around the world – leading the way from the beginning and working with musicians in more than 55 countries.

We are not a law firm and do not provide legal services or advice. Instead, we provide that large unprotected group of musicians and songwriters with a fast, inexpensive way for maintaining evidence of their copyright – whether the material is later registered with the Copyright Office or not!

And our mission has remained simple: To level the playing field for the “little guy” by providing quality, professional song and music registration services quickly and easily.